Link building in USA: key features

Vasiliy Pupkin Alyona

Link building is one of the most effective methods of SEO promotion. Using link building, you can increase your brand awareness, traffic to your site, and its ranking. You should understand that there are some unique strategies used in link building in the United States. 

Does this mean that getting links from sites in the US is very hard? Absolutely not! It is important to understand all the nuances of working with links, to get the most out of it, and not to waste the budget. 

Idea Digital Agency has a lot of experience in SEO site promotion, so our team knows exactly how to do link building in the USA. Let’s take a look at popular link building methods and features of American link building. 


If link building is new to you and you're afraid of doing something wrong, you can start with submits. These are links from directories, social networks and profiles, video hosting sites, job sites, etc. Submits are good for increasing your brand awareness, expanding your link profile. You can do them by yourself without hiring outsourced experts or wasting your budget. 

Crowd Marketing

Crowd is also good for beginner link builders – it's much easier and faster to get links from forums than to write and post an article on any resource. Crowd works like «word of mouth»: post meaningful comments with a link to your site's pages, make it a useful recommendation, then people will want to know more about you. 

Tier 2/Tier 3 

tir2 links

This is a very popular link building strategy in the USA. What is the point: you already have a link to your site on another website, so you should promote this link you have got before on other websites (you can use submits, crowd links or other types of links). The next level: you take the resulting links and place them on new websites. As a result, you pump up and strengthen the very first publication with a link to your site. In this case, the number of external links to your website does not change.

Outreach links and press releases

Outreach or guest posting in the United States needs a well-thought-out strategy. Buying a publication on a site that is popular in your niche will not work or will be incredibly expensive. But it is always possible to negotiate for a free posting. In an outreach strategy, it is important to find the right approach to a particular website. 

Link building for sites in America very often includes the publication of press releases. In the press release, you can place two links: to the homepage and to the contact page. But some sites publish press releases only with a list of contacts – this should be clarified before publication. Press release posting can be either paid or free. There are even special services that offer to send your press release to dozens of popular news sites.

Local links

local seo

Local links in the USA for promotion are incredibly important. There are link builders who specialize exclusively in local SEO. 

By registering an American company in directories, you significantly increase its visibility, but the requirements of such directories are harsh: the address and contacts must be real. Also, many directories require mandatory confirmation of registration in various forms (telephone, e-mail, video conference, etc.) 


Cooperation with bloggers is also very popular in America, but requires a lot of patience, time, and good budgets. You can negotiate the placement by yourself, or you can use special intermediary services like Pressrush or Ninjaoutreach. 

You can use Google Alert or Ahrefs Content Explorer to track down authors, monitor the topics you are interested in, and find authors. It's good to have a special table where you can add their names and contacts for quick access. 


Examples of famous Q&A sites:

  • Quora;
  • Question;
  • Reddit.

Here, you can make a profile and not only post topics with articles but also answer other users' questions by inserting links to pages on your site. 


Link building for USA sites is a difficult task, but nothing is impossible. Moreover: with the right investment of effort and money, both SEO and link building will benefit your site greatly. To avoid wasting your budget and time in vain, the best solution is to ask for help from professionals. In our agency, you can order SEO promotion of your site in Europe or the USA. Read our SEO case studies to see how ordering promotion services can help your business. 

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