TOP 5 Linkbuilding Strategies That Work In 2022

Vasiliy Pupkin Stanislav

Link building plays an important role in the promotion of any website. So what is link building?

Link building is the process of getting links from other online resources to your site. These links help to improve the credibility of your domain and pages for search engines and also get referral traffic from external sources. 

The main mistake that many SEOs and owners of websites do, is that they create content on their websites for clients and customers, but not for people who want to share their content. This KEY mistake does not allow your site to get mentions and shares, because your clients are not bloggers or copywriters and they will not share your useful content.

link building strategies

All the strategies in 2022 depend on creating content for people, which will share your content. So, before diving into the most effective practices for linkbuilding in 2022. We should understand what types of content are popular for shares and getting links.

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Content creation as a first step of linkbuilding

You should understand that content creation is the first and most important step for future successful linkbuilding for your website. You have to create amazing, useful and relevant content that other website owners and bloggers want to share.

content creation

Types of content that will grow up backlinks to your website:

  • Definite guides — this type of articles reveals the topic in detail, so readers can find all needed information in one place.
  • List of the best/Top — includes a list of the best/top with a deep description of each list item. 
  • Industry Studies — articles with detailed information about any useful strategy with step by step description to realize it.
  • Articles that are created together with bloggers and experts in your niche.

When you have created your amazing piece of content you can move on to the next step — using off-page strategies.

Strategy #1. Search for resource pages

Resource page — is a page on another website that includes a list of the links to useful content on a specific topic. You can easily find such resources by using these regular impressions:

“[keyword]” + inurl:links

[keyword] + intitle:resources

“[keyword]” + “helpful resources” + “resources”

“[keyword]” + “other resources”

“[keyword]” + “resources”

“[keyword]” + “useful resources”

If your piece of content is unique and useful, you can suggest a link to your article for publication on such pages and get a mention for free. Every resource page tries to be different from others, so you can suggest a link even if your website is young and not trustful yet. 

Strategy #2. Search for “Best of/Top” articles

This strategy is based on searching for articles that include the best of and top list. It could be the best of blogs in your niche or a list of the solutions for some problems. You can easily find such articles with these regular impressions in search:

“best [keyword] blog posts”

“best [keyword] articles”

best [keyword] resources

best [keyword] resources + current year

best tools for [keyword]

intitle:best posts + [keyword]

As we mentioned before, your blog, product or service should be nice and useful, so you can suggest adding a link to your website’s blog or to your product/service to this “best of” article and get it for free. Every of these lists want to be unique, so even if you do not have a popular blog/product/service, you have a big chance to be added.

Strategy #3. Search for broken links

This amazing strategy is based on finding broken external links in blog content of other websites’ pages. You can find these broken links with Ahrefs, Semrush or with any of the crawlers. After this research you can write to webmasters of these websites to propose to replace these broken links with youth.

Your content should be really useful and fit the content in the old anchor so that the webmaster wants to replace the link. It is important to write to the webmaster about a problem page with a broken link, to write in which anchor it is and what new one (to your website) he should change it.

Strategy #4. Search for outdated links

Outdated links are hard to find, but we have an approach for you. So, first of all you should find amazing articles and publications in your niche with many links such as Resource pages and Best of/Top lists. You can find them with following of these steps in Google search: go to Google Search, select “Tools”, “Any time”, “Custom Range” and then set the date range to see content that is at least 3 years old.

outdated links

With these settings, you can find old content that did not change and be updated for a long time. So, there is a high probability to find outdated links that you should find on pages manually. After finding outdated link, you should connect with the webmaster to suggest replacing it to actual content on your website.

Strategy #4. Search for roundups

Roundups are the pieces of content where you can find the best articles in a specific niche of the day/week/month. You can easily find roundups with these regular impressions on search:

“[keyword]” + “weekly link roundup”

“[keyword]” + “Friday link roundup”

“[keyword]” + “link roundup”

[broad niche] + “link roundup”

[broad niche] + “blog roundup”

“[keyword]” + “best articles of the week”

It is important to search for roundups that are actual. You can find actual roundups with following of these steps:

“Google Search”--> “Search tools” --> ”Any time”--> ”Last year”.

After finding these articles, you should connect with the webmaster to propose a link to your article or news that you will publish next week or month. You should ask the webmaster to include your piece of content in future roundups.


So, you have learned these amazing strategies of linkbuilding that are really useful in 2022. You should understand that content creation comes first before any link building campaign. You should focus on creating amazing articles that will become your “star page” for getting links.

What is the “number 1” strategy for you?

Be free to ask any questions below!

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