Advanced Communities Case Study

    Advanced Communities is a developer of Experience Cloud-based software products for Salesforce.

    Website URL:

    Target regions: USA, UK

    Promotion period: October 2019 - December 2021 (2 years and 2 months).

    Website status: the website is optimized, but there are plans to move to a new design to improve the website’s UI/UX.


    1. Increase organic traffic from target regions (USA, UK)

    2. Increase the number of conversions from organic traffic

    What was done

    1. Conducted a technical audit of the website. Based on the technical audit we have done the following:

      • improved page load speeds.

      • provided recommendations to protect the site from viruses.

      • eliminated bugs in the code.

      • provided recommendations on the structure and content of the main pages and component pages.

      • provided recommendations for the implementation of META tags for all pages of the site, that is Title, Description, H1.

      • corrected the structure of the headings on the site.

      • provided recommendations for the implementation of the necessary types of structured data.

      • provided recommendations for the redesign of the structural blocks of landing pages of services and components.

    2. Created technical tasks for revision of the site after the move.

    3. Conducted a full keyword research for all website pages

    4. Developed an extended site structure.

      • The developed structure is composed of TOR for new pages (categories, components).

      • The main pages of the site, categories, as well as component pages, have been further optimized.

    5. Written relevant content on the terms of reference for category pages based on the semantic core.

    6. Implemented full-fledged blogging for better coverage of keywords in the subject.

    7. Conducted a reference audit of the site and competitors.

    8. Developed a strategy to build link mass through links such as external outreach links, crowds, and local registration in regional directories.

    Results of work

    Since the beginning of the promotion, the number of keywords has increased by more than 2,200. The screenshot below shows a  graph from a service called "Serpstat".


    Organic traffic has increased by 5 times, from 1,120 to 5,600 users per month as shown in the graph below.

    Organic traffic

    Organic channel traffic is 69.7% of total site traffic as shown in the pie graph below.

    Organic channels

    Since the start of SEO promotion:

    • the total number of users from organics has increased by 318%

    • the number of new users has increased by 304%

    • the depth of page views has increased by 65.2%

    • the target conversion rate has increased by 207%

    • the number of achieved goals on the site has increased by 1,185.71%

    promotion results

    The growth of positions in Google by the core requests

    Below are some queries ranked in the top 5-7 positions in the Google search results in the United States.

    *12 months of promotion results

    Backlink promotion

    The main source of competitor links is affiliate links or links from directory sites to buy modules and add-ons. Competitors also had a lot of content links from informational articles reviewing their software products and interviews. Based on the analysis, a strategy for obtaining and building link mass was drawn up.

    During the SEO promotion of the IT company's website to the US and UK market, purchased backlinks have not worked so well and they have not always been available in the necessary volume. Quality thematic sites have been selected and articles have been written to promote the site. 

    When building the profile of backlinks, high-quality websites were selected rather than selecting large numbers of websites indiscriminately. The need to constantly build links has not gone away, and that’s why we have used a submission to directories. These are links from the profiles of forums, social networks, article comments, and so on.

    For IT businesses, the right number of regional directories are not always there, so that’s why this type of link was not a priority. When placing links, we used unanchored links and a small percentage of anchor links.

    The inks have been directed to the home page, category pages, component pages, and blog articles. Both anchor and non-anchor links have been taken into account so that the link profile was as natural as possible.

    Link Promotion

    The graph above shows good dynamics of link growth with a focus on quality and thematic (the screenshot has been provided by  Ahrefs, an SEO tools and resource service).

    Keyword research

    Since the client's target audience is a large international business, we have decided to add search queries even with the volume of 1-5 queries per month. This has made it possible to significantly expand the structure of the site and get the top rankings and leads to the site fairly quickly.


    This project was very niche oriented, since it worked only with the B2B segment as part of the Salesforce Experience Cloud, while developing special add-ons for organizations using Salesforce. 

    Therefore, there is no rapid growth of traffic here. The company's reputation and many years of experience play an important role in this project. As part of SEO promotion, we have tried to work not only on on-page optimization but also on brand awareness and the company’s reputation.

    It has been our goal to increase traffic to the site for low-volume and low-competitive keywords, reach the medium and high-volume keywords, and use the blog for the coverage of information requests.

    The result of the increase in targeted traffic from the U.S. and UK was an increase in the number of conversions on the site from an organic traffic source.

    Comprehensive SEO promotion has yielded excellent results even in such a narrowly focused topic. Through  technical optimization, page metadata and content optimization, a content strategy of the blog, and link promotion we have been able to achieve a 5-fold increase in traffic and growth of the conversion rate by more than 200%.

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