SEO promotion of a door manufacturer in the US

    Case study of the US door manufacturer, United Porte.

    Who will benefit from this case study:  business owners in the e-commerce niche from the United States.

    About the client's business: interior and exterior door manufacturer.
    Before the work started: unfinished structure, no existing  blog, bad off-page and on-page optimization of the website, bad usability.

    SEO promotion goals:

    • increase organic traffic of the website;

    • increase conversions;

    • increase the overall business revenue from the organic channel;

    • improve ranking in Google search results.


    Before SEO: a small website that needs structural expansion, bad UX/UI, low position in SERP.

    The following is what we have done for United Porte:

    1) collected full keyword data;

    2) analyzed their competitors;

    3) added new landing pages for each category;

    4) created a content strategy for the blog;

    5) found errors and technical problems on the website and prepared technical tasks for resolving them. Note: We have been managing all technical issues of the site every month;

    6) developed an effective link-building strategy (guest post links, blogging, crowd marketing, Local Links, Submits) and increased the number of backlinks from trusted domains that have been gained every month.

    After SEO: we have been increasing organic traffic by 43,12%; sales growth by 20,37%, which is an increase in the number of keywords for which the site is being promoted by 4500.

    What we have done to optimize the website so far

    Resolution of bugs and technical issues

    When we started working on the project, we prepared a document that had all the technical problems on the website and included recommendations on how to resolve them. We have been reviewing this document every month and managing all its technical aspects in order to improve the site.

    The website had the following technical issues:

    • META information issues on pages;

    • many broken links;

    • sitemap.xml issues;

    • duplicate pages ;

    • loading speed;

    • http protocol usage;

    • Missing structured data.

    There were many technical issues and bugs that needed to be fixed in order to create a solid foundation for the site to grow in the SERPs. After fixing many of them, the website began to grow quickly.

    Useful note: it’s important to check your website for technical issues and errors regularly because many new problems can appear from time to time due to programmer error, poor content management, etc.

    Tasks with interlinking structure

    Interlinking structure plays an important role in the improvement of the site’s indexability, link juice distribution between pages, and growth of target keyword positions that are used in link anchors. Connecting categories/blog articles/products with each other encourages visitors to spend more time on the website.

    What we have done so far

    • used anchor links with target keywords in SEO texts on commercial pages and articles;

    interlinking website structure
    • added a block of related products on product pages.

    related products block

    Keyword research and the creation of a rich website structure

    After analyzing their client’s competitors, we also found new categories that we could create on our client's website to cover a large number of additional keywords. After having understood the structure of many client websites, we collected target keywords and categorized them. The keyword (KW) collection has given us an opportunity to find additional categories that we can create that their competitors haven’t yet discovered.

    Useful note: it’s important to start with your competitors’ analysis to understand the future structure of your website. Then, by using deep keyword analysis, you will be able to find additional clusters and create landing pages and categories for them. Each new landing page can potentially bring more clients to your site. This will become your advantage over your competitors.

    This strategy has given us the opportunity to increase the number of keywords that we have been targeting. You should be able to see this on the Keyword trend tool in Serpstat:

    growing of KW

    Blog work

    We have found  no blog on the website. It’s very important to develop a blog on your website to build trust and credibility of your company in Search Engine optimization.

    We’ve created an efficient content strategy for the website to cover information. The following are some popular types of content for your niche:

    • DIY posts;

    • best-of posts;

    • how-to posts;

    • comparison posts.

    Working with a blog has resulted in an additional 667 users who have visited our client’s website for the first time and have gotten acquainted with the products of their company. 

    growing of blog users

    Useful note: You can increase your commercial conversions on a website by adding blocks of products or services to blog post pages. With help of these blocks, clients can place an order or go on the product/service page to get all the useful information they need.

    UX/UI optimization

    The website had many problems with usability, so we’ve prepared a document with recommendations for its improvement. We’ve analyzed the TOP 10 door manufacturer websites in SERP to find tips and recommendations for improving landing pages.

    List of recommendations:

    • optimize the Gallery page by including some photos with the projects;

    optimization of gallery page
    • optimize the home page by adding new blocks that were missing;

    featured products blockcustomer review block
    • prepare a technical process to optimize the About Us page;

      optimization of About us page
    • optimize the view of products by displaying their prices and availability in the catalog.

      optimization of the visual display of products

    Off-page strategy

    In order to create the right promotional strategy, we’ve analyzed our client’s target competitors in the US. It has given us the opportunity to create a more successful off-page strategy for website growth and the answers about what number and types of unique links the website should get every month.

    • outreach links — collaboration with other webmasters to negotiate the terms and conditions in order to get links from their websites;

    Useful note: You can negotiate with other webmasters in order to get links for free by creating useful content for their websites or exchanging links . These kinds of strategies work very well in the US market.

    • blogging — we have created Web 2.0 blogs for publishing additional articles with the link to our client's website;

    • crowd — we have published useful comments with links to our client’s website in thematic threads on forums about interior design & home improvement ideas;

    • local SEO — we have added our client’s website’s contact information in local directories in the US;

    • submits — we have added a link to our client’s website in the person’s profile descriptions on forums and in infographics.

    growing of referring domains

    Our off-page strategy is based on an organic and progressive increase in the number of referring domains to the site, and we have already gotten 180 new unique domains linking to our website from January 1, 2022 to May 31, 2022.


    Our complete off-page and on-page optimization are based on the resolution of website errors and issues, deep content optimization of the website, growth of the number of trustful and thematic-referring domains from the US region as well as UX/UI improvements.

    In a period of four months (From January 1, 2022, to April 30, 2022), we have increased the Organic Traffic to the website by 43.12%.

    results of seo promotionresults of SEO
    • The number of new organic users has grown by 40.54%; sessions, by 32.89%; pages for session, by 3.96%

    • The main conversion rate (i.e., ordering the product) has grown by 20.37%

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