Testelium Case Study

    The Testelium platform allows you to evaluate the quality of SMS routes of a provider and get detailed reports on the performance and efficiency of SMS communications.


    Target geolocation: USA, UK

    Promotion period: September 2020 - December 2021 (1 year and 3 months)

    Website status: the site has been optimized (metadata, content), all technical issues have been fixed, and a new design has been implemented in 2021 which has improved the UI/UX and has helped achieved good results in SEO promotion. Currently, the primary job is  being done in outreach and backlink strategy implementation.

    The main goals to reach are the following: 

    1. Increase organic traffic from target regions (USA, UK).

    2. To reach the top 1-5 positions for most targeted keyword phrases.

    3. Increase the number of conversions from organic traffic.

    What was done

    1. We have conducted a technical audit of the site. We have  decided to develop a new site design to improve behavioral factors and a number of technical issues that somehow affect promotion. Based on the technical audit, the following has been done:

      • improved page loading speeds.

      • eliminated bugs in the code.

      • provided recommendations on the structure and content of the main pages.

      • provided recommendations for the implementation of META tags for all pages of the site, that is Title, Description, H1.

      • corrected the structure of the headings on the site.

      • provided recommendations for the implementation of the necessary types of structured data.

      • provided recommendations for the redesign of the structural blocks of landing pages.

    2. We have assigned technical optimization tasks after implementing the new design

    3. We have done a full keyword research for all pages and have performed a continuous keyword research for the blog.

    4.  We have created technical tasks for all pages of the website according to the developed structure.

    5. We have been actively working on the blog by regularly publishing new articles, aiming at greater coverage of keywords, and meeting the demand of the target audience.

    6. We have written relevant content on the terms of reference for the main pages by taking into account the semantic core.

    7. We have conducted a reference audit of the site and competitors.

    8. We have developed a strategy to build links through outreach, guest posts, crowds, and local registration in regional directories.

    9. We have developed a strategy and basic content plan for promotion in social networks.

    10. We have developed a strategy for running a YouTube channel.

    11. We have provided recommendations for optimizing Google My Business.

    12. We have conducted an in-depth analysis of competitors' links in order to find websites for placing links.

    13. We have carried out an in-depth analysis of search query intents in order to optimize content and metadata and to create an anchor strategy.

    The peculiarity of this project is that it was very niche oriented. The target audiences were B2B customers, enterprise companies, SMS aggregators, mobile operators, and SMS resellers.

    The semantic core is low-frequency, while the competition in the industry was very high. Another feature is that the search results were mixed. The query, "test SMS," showed both sites for testing the sending and delivery of SMS on your phone, and for services like ours, for testing the delivery of SMS and the quality of SMS-routes in B2B transactions.

    Through a properly built SEO strategy, high-quality collection and clustering of keywords, analysis of search query intents, technical optimization, and link building, we have been able to achieve very good results in organics.

    How has the project grown in organic search in 1 year and 3 months?

    • The number of users from organic search has increased by 748%.

    • The number of new users from organic search has increased by 896%.

    • Users have started viewing 25% more pages per session.

    • The average session duration has increased by 66%.

    • The conversion rate has increased and the number of goals has been reached (submitted application on the website).

    According to the Google Search Console Performance Report, we have found the following:

    • The number of clicks in organic search has increased many times.

    • The number of impressions has increased significantly since the site has been found by a larger number of targeted queries.

    Growth dynamics over the past 12 months

    Over the past 12 months, the largest number of goals has been achieved from organic search (form submission on the website).

    Over the past 3 months, 83% of keywords have increased their rankings. Most of them are already in the TOP 1-5 positions and have continued to grow (data for the US market).

    Comparison of website positions with competitors in the SMS routes testing service shows that Testelium is ahead of them for all target keywords.

    Backlink strategy

    The main source of competitors' links is guest posting backlinks from well-rated websites with good traffic. Affiliate links, which are links from review articles, also work well in this niche. Based on the analysis, a strategy has been developed for obtaining high-quality and diverse links from thematic and near-thematic sites.

    With SEO promotion of the Testelium website for the US and UK market, we needed a good backlink strategy to outperform the competition. For promotion, high-quality thematic platforms have been selected and articles have been written. When building a backlink profile, quality was our main priority, not quantity. In the promotion, we have also used topical forums and Q&A platforms while trying to reach the target audience to gain referral traffic. We have also been submitting the company to local catalogs and business directories in the USA and  Europe regularly.

    The backlinks have been mainly directed to the main page, and to the Integration, Pricing, Features pages, to blog articles. Both anchor and non-anchor links have been part of the strategy so that the backlink profile looked as natural as possible.

    The graph above shows good dynamics of backlink growth with a focus on quality and topical content (the screenshot of the graph has been provided by  Ahrefs, SEO tools and resource service).

    Keyword research

    Since the target audience of the client is a large business providing communication services (SMS), we have decided to target keywords even with a volume of 1-5 searches per month. 

    This has made it possible to capture the most conversion requests since one of the goals has been to increase the number of conversions on the website from the organic traffic channel.


    This project was  very niche oriented since it only worked with the B2B sector and provided only one type of service which was SMS delivery testing, or SMS routes testing, which provided a convenient platform with detailed reports for SMS deliverability analysis for the enterprise segment. 

    Therefore, the rapid growth of traffic has not been possible. The company's reputation and many years of experience have played a  significant role in this project. As part of search engine optimization, we have done not only on-page optimization but also worked on brand awareness and the company’s reputation. We have been trying to find possibilities of reaching out to major market players in order to start partnerships and sell the company's services.

    Our goal has been to increase traffic to the website for the target keywords and increase the number of organic conversions to get to the top 1-5 positions for the most relevant converting search queries which we have successfully achieved in 12 months. An integrated approach to SEO promotion has given us excellent results even in such a niche-focused project. The Testelium project has shown that if you build a strategy correctly, “immerse” into the client’s business, target audience, and go deeper into online marketing (not limited to website optimization), you can achieve all your goals and become a niche leader.

    Отзыв клиента
    The team made use of strong SEO strategies and campaigns and, as a result, increased site metrics. Internal stakeholders were happy with the collaborative partnership, thanks to Idea Digital Agency's quick responses, attention to detail, and focus on quality results. They increased the website’s visitors up to 20% per month. The team has delivered the project in a timely manner and facilitated a smooth project management process. Additionally, their rates are great from a cost-benefit perspective, and the team is solution-oriented.
    Aug 8, 2021
    Jane Garbar
    Marketing Manager, Testelium

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