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We help businesses to develop flexible and comprehensive online marketing plans and strategies to outperform market competition and acquire more customers from organic search.
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Drive more organic traffic to your website

Our SEO agency will help you boost brand awareness and get more organic traffic, potential clients, dominate the competition in Google and Bing search, and get higher rankings with the best-in-class digital marketing services.

The most affordable way to find new customers online

When the website gets to the top of Google search results, it inevitably gets more views, clicks, and, as a result, you get more potential clients. The demand of customers is already there, they look for products, services, and information, you just need to be there and provide what they are looking for. With our digital SEO services, you can be sure to meet with your potential customers in search results.

Online access to the corporate task manager

We provide access to the online task manager where you can track work progress on your project, leave comments to the SEO team, participate in tasks discussion, and get the results in real-time.

Monthly performance reports

At the end of each iteration (usually, 1 month), we deliver a detailed report with the traffic dynamics, keyword rankings, and a list of all tasks performed during 1 month. We also provide a financial report for all the expenses related to the project (SEO tools, copywriting, outreach, etc.)

How much does it cost?
A comprehensive SEO promotion can cost anywhere from $750/month to over $5000/month depending on the scope of services, complexity of the niche and the size of the website. Let's get a free website review – including an audit of your site, your competitors, your market, and the detailed pricing for your specific project.
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Our SEO process step-by-step
  • Analysis
    We check the website for compliance with more than 40 requirements for the Google and Bing search engines, including technical and optimization errors.
  • Technical task after audit
    If we find technical errors on the website, we create a detailed task for developers to correct those bugs. After implementation, we check the developer’s work in accordance with the technical task.
  • Collecting keywords
    We collect target keywords according to the website's structure to create a full extended version of the website for potential development.
  • Individual promotion strategy
    We compile an individual SEO strategy, and also a backlink and anchor strategy for the project.
  • Analysis of competitors and their backlink strategy
    We analyze competitors’ websites, their backlink profiles, and strategies they use to get higher rankings
  • Internal website optimization
    We prepare technical tasks for writing texts for categories, pages, blogs, services, and products. We then add metadata for all pages based on the keyword research, optimize headings, and content on each page of the website. We always check the correctness of implementation on the website in accordance with technical tasks and carry out additional optimization if necessary.
  • Development of anchor and backlink strategies
    Based on the analysis of competitors and markets, we develop a backlink strategy and select platforms for reach out and guest posting.
  • Brand promotion to increase website authority
    We thoroughly select websites where we can potentially get backlinks, perform outreach or manual posting, collaborate with webmasters to publish a guest post, or add a backlink to an existing content
  • Monthly report
    We deliver a detailed report on performed work, providing information about new backlinks and the website rankings in dynamic. We also have regular calls with the client to present our results and performance, usually in Zoom or Google Meet.

Our clients

Questions and answers

  • How long does it take to do SEO?

    For some niches, 6-8 months are enough to achieve sustainable results, for others SEO is a constant process since the market is dynamic and competitors are constantly working on their websites’ optimization. It is more correct to estimate the duration of further promotion after the first 6 months of work.
  • What is the company's expertise?

    At Idea Digital Agency, the main expertise is search engine optimization, for more than 5 years we have been designing, launching, and optimizing websites and succeeded with more than 70 projects so far.
  • What results can we expect from search engine promotion?

    SEO is a very effective tool for attracting organic traffic. SEO increases not only its quantity but also its quality. As a result, the number of applications and sales on your website increases.
  • Who will work with the project?

    Each project is staffed by a team consisting of a technical specialist, an SEO specialist, and a project manager.
  • What guarantees do you provide?

    We sign a contract with all our clients, and also provide performance reports monthly.
  • How do you work if the customer is in another city?

    Clients who do not have the opportunity to have personal meetings are contacted through Zoom or Google Meet to coordinate work and discuss the results of their projects.
  • What are the main advantages of working with a company?

    The company's work is based on the principles of honesty, mutual respect, assistance and building partnerships with customers and within the team. Therefore, working with us, you get a team of professionals who are interested in achieving results.

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SEO site promotion and advertising

SEO site promotion is an important part of business promotion. An increasing percentage of sales are going online, and advertising and site promotion are becoming an integral part of the overall marketing strategy.

Who should apply for SEO promotion?

  • those who already have a website but have not yet turned any real profit;

  • those whose site is not in the list of top 10 search engines;

  • those whose site needs to be reorganized and filled with useful thematic content;

  • those whose contextual advertising clients are too expensive.

This is by no means a complete list of queries for which SEO optimization is the best solution.

Comprehensive site promotion with Idea Digital

Based on the name itself, it is clear that the service is a comprehensive promotion since it includes a list of actions aimed at ensuring the promotion of sites attracting customers and turning a profit.

The most significant is SEO promotion on Google from the digital marketing point of view. It is also important to understand who should be approached for this event. The following are some examples:

  • online stores of large and medium business segments;

  • narrow thematic projects aimed at reaching a large audience;

  • regional sites with high competition in the segment (for example, online stores with shipping available in a particular region).

Website promotion - what is it?

Website promotion is a multitasking action because it is carried out systematically while taking into account the intermediate results. This process allows a custom approach to the development of each business area, because the same promotion of fundamentally different types of sites (such as the promotion of online stores and business pages) will lead to different results. We will take a closer look at what modern integrated promotion consists of and how we conduct it.

Advantages of comprehensive promotion in search engines

For those of our customers who are not experts in online sales, the benefits of SEO site optimization are not obvious. But they really are and you should be aware of  them. The benefits are as follows:

  • The most important factor is a real increase in site traffic and visibility of your brand. And it works better than any standard ad, although it can make the results even better;

  • Integrated approach - the basis of the basics. You will notice some improvement within the site’s whole structure, and not just in one way. Accordingly, the results will be higher than just promotion or optimization;

  • Abbreviation KPI - one of the most important business tools in the 21st century. We have the opportunity to influence this indicator by improving and promoting the site;

  • Involvement of external traffic channels is essential. And this is one of the areas to which we should pay close attention.

How long does site promotion take?

SEO site optimization can take more than one day. But the results of this complex task can be seen in the first months of implementation of SEO-tools. Idea Digital managers will be able to answer the question of how long it will take to analyze, compile effective search engine optimization, implement it, and fully prepare the site for launch.

Stages of site promotion on Google

What is comprehensive site promotion in search engines all about? These are activities that will help you get the desired result, that is, attract customers and visitors to your site (not only from our country but also from other parts of the world), grow sales, and increase your capital as a result. The stages of site promotion on Google (as in other search engines) consist of the following points:

  • analysis of attractiveness and convenience for users of your site;

  • compiling semantics for future site content;

  • optimization of content and site graphics.

The report on the performed actions is a quantitative and qualitative result embodied in one document. And you will be able to clearly see the effectiveness of our work in it.

This is just a general picture that allows you to schematically describe everything that we can do with your site.

Search site audit

The most important part of an SEO site promotion is the search audit. By assessing and identifying problems that could hinder the promotion of your website in the global Internet market, we will be able to form a core of problems and their solutions. This is the perfect time to request for an site promotion because identifying problems is the key to solving them.

Usability analysis

Who likes complex designs and illogical site navigation? Nobody does because it makes it  impossible to find what you want since there is no convenient  way of purchasing goods online as well as choosing payment options, delivery options, similar products, or the use of discount codes. Because of this, it will be very unlikely that your customers will shop let alone buy anything. Listen to our recommendations so you can make your site convenient as much as possible.

Selection of the semantic core

Semantics is very important. Not only the popularity of politicians, but also your position in the issue of Google depends on the correct use of words and expressions. The semantic core - a list of the most relevant user queries about your offers - will help you answer these questions and become the solution to the problem faced by buyers. You should also keep in mind that the vector of promotion is to compile relevant semantics. That is, if you plan to promote the site to the event, you will need to develop a content strategy.

Internal and external site optimization

The work that is needed on a promotion is done on both inside and outside the site . This is the principle of comprehensive promotion. It is impossible to reach the maximum level of optimization if you focus only on the internal promotion or purely on the external. And, at the same time, with the internal optimization of the pages, the selection of semantics and design in a user-friendly way, you also need to increase the number of links to your site. And we can do that easily.

How much does SEO cost?

Finding out the price of site promotion is probably what our clients are interested in the most. It is impossible to give a straight answer without first evaluating an existing page. To better understand the cost of comprehensive promotion, it is best to contact us and clarify the details. The following is what  the cost can depend on:

  • from your requirements and specifications;

  • from the current state of the site and its search results position on Google, Yandex, and other search engines;

  • from what set of actions we have to take to get the site at the TOP of the search results list.

Why should you order a site promotion from scratch at Idea Digital?

Many businesses today are interested in ordering an  SEO site promotion for their websites. But why should we do it here? Here are 5 reasons to contact the internet marketing agency Idea Digital!

  1. We set our prices that are clear to everyone. We offer a detailed estimate by listing all the necessary steps for comprehensive optimization and their prices. You, the client, can argue their needs and adjust the optimization of the project to your budget.

  2. Our strategies and tools are the result of constant monitoring, analysis, and self-improvement which are the most relevant today.

  3. We are flexible in our work. Monitoring each stage allows us to adjust strategies and alter them to achieve maximum results.

  4. We will not overcharge you. Budget optimization and relevant word and content selection are our strengths.

  5. We provide customer support at every step of the way:from the start of the comprehensive promotion process to the end of its implementation.

  6. We provide services all over the world.

Comprehensive SEO promotion is a convenient and profitable service that can pay for itself from the first few days after its implementation. And best of all, you can get it in the most complete and highest quality from Idea Digital.